Play Tape - Black

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  • Looking for a way to explore bondage but having a little anxiety about handcuffs? We hear ya!


  • Made from durable PVC and designed so that it only sticks to itself, this tape is great for crafting your own custom restraints, from handcuffs and hog ties, to blindfolds or even body harnesses. With no sticky glue involved it won't damage furniture, clothing or pull on skin like normal tape, but it'll provide you with the same strength and versatility you'd expect from duct tape.
  • Use the 20 meter length of tape to create custom restraints, or wrap it around yourself as an eye-catching outfit. Once finished, the reusable tape can be unpeeled and packed away until next time, or carefully cut the tape with a pair of bandage scissors for instant release.

Key Features:

  • 20 meters of self-adhesive PVC tape for first time bondage fun
  • Perfect for beginners bondage or tie-up games
  • Sticks only to itself - won't leave marks on furniture or skin
  • Comfortable to wear as clothing or restraints
  • Easy-to-use and remove for reliability and safety