How to protect your mental health during a time where social distance is the new norm.

Spending more time at home may sound like a dream to some.........while to others, it can be a very crippling experience. I am one of those people who thoroughly enjoys being at home by myself. I actually THRIVE on spending time alone. I am 100% what most would consider to be an "introvert".

Not everyone is like me though, and I hope this post helps you guys :)

Here are a few things I do from home that have greatly helped me not only stay productive, but stay sane. 

  • Wake up - I don't mean just "get out of bed"....make sure you wake up at a time when you normally would rise. In other words, don't sleep in until noon and spend the day in your pajamas without a shower. It is ok to have a day where you completely let go and just relax however, doing this every day could lead to feeling depressed. That is not something we want especially during a time when we may feel more lonely than normal.
  • Make your bed - This might sound like something SO SMALL and if you do this already, great! This is an amazing way to "start" your day. In other words, you are saying "goodbye" to your bed and "hello" to a productive day.
  • Show gratitude - Say "thank you" to the universe for ONE thing in the morning. Also, don't forget to show gratitude to those closest to you during this time. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Make a "TO DO" list - But, don't do the "usual" to do list. Break it up! I name 1 thing I need to do for MYSELF, MY SPACE, and MY PASSION. So, my typical "TO DO" list would start off like this:
    • Run 1 mile (Myself)
    • Organize my desk drawers (My space)
    • Plan all of my content for the week (My passion)
  • Have a bed time - It is SO easy to get lost in the "Netflix" binge show and stay awake until your eyes are bleeding. GO TO BED ON TIME. KEEP A ROUTINE. Sleep is one of the biggest reasons why we feel good or bad during the day and lack of is horrible for your physical and mental health. Go to sleep and rest. Even though we are not as "busy", we are going through much more mentally and we must protect that.
  • Self Care - This can be anything. Obviously, we highly recommend taking care of your self and if you buy a "Vibe" things will be much easier! :) CLICK HERE to shop our bullet vibes. They are small, POWERFUL, waterproof, and we promise they will be your favorite thing to do during this time. (Masturbating also boosts your immune system so, WIN WIN)

I hope this blog post helps you guys! Comment below and let me know some things you are doing to protect your health curing COVID time :)
















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